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Tempo Moscato

It's Tempo Time!

Introducing the new Tempo Moscato! A wine of fun, fizz and freshness. Moscato is a sweet light white wine with an effervescent style that has been capturing imaginations and cuddling palates all around the globe since the beginning of last century. 

The style of this wine from northern Italy has become increasingly popular within young and successful people from all the cultures on the  last couple of years.

Tempo Moscato is the first release of this style for Tempo Fine Wines. Overwhelmingly refreshing, our Tempo Moscato has been lightly spritzed to add a delicious zing to this bright and bubbly style. With low alcohol and a hint of sweetness on the palate, no excuse is needed to enjoy this wonderful limited release wine. 

Serve well chilled, the Moscato is a deliciously funny wine for any occasion. The perfect partner to  seafood dishes, fresh fruit and fruit-based desserts. 

Who are we?

We are a passionate team of Moscato lovers with the aim of knowing its inimitable taste all around the World. Since the very beginning of our adventure, we decided that Tempo Moscato was the right product and format to be presented to our customers and we bet that our love for this wine could be transferred to other people that still were not aware of it's incredible flavour.

Today, after a good start, we can say that our guess was right: Tempo Moscato is present in many countries; Europe, Mainland China, Russia, and now Hong Kong and Macao. We were pleased by the overwhelming succes Tempo Moscato received: today a widesperad network of wineshops, clubs and bars troughout the countries has Tempo Moscato in their wine list and a growing number of people choose Tempo moscato to celebrate the important moments of their lives. In order to bring the unique taste of Tempo Moscato to even more consumers in more countires our team is working hard in order to open up new markets, sure that tempo moscato is an exclusive product easy to drink and impossible to forget!