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About Tempo | Tempo Moscato

About Tempo

It’s TEMPO time!

A wine of fun, fizz and freshness. Moscato is a sweet light white wine with an effervescent style that has been capturing imaginations and cuddling palates all around the globe since the beginning of last century.

The style of this wine from northern Italy has become increasingly popular within young and successful people from all the cultures on the last couple of years.

About Tempo Moscato

Tempo Moscato is the first release of this style for Tempo Fine Wines. Overwhelmingly refreshing, our Tempo Moscato has been lightly spritzed to add a delicious zing to this bright and bubbly style. With low alcohol and a hint of sweetness on the palate, no excuse is needed to enjoy this wonderful limited release wine.

Tempo Moscato has been bottled under pressure with champagne cork, to retain freshness and fizz. Enjoy it as quick as possible! Enticing pale yellow in color, Tempo Moscato has an equally delightful aroma redolent of freshly squeezed grapes. It has a zippy, fresh effervescent palate, finishing with a touch of delicious natural sweetness.

The grapes was picked early, crushed, chilled and the juice separated immediately from the skins to enhance it's natural delicacy. Fermentation was start later to retain some of the natural grape sugars.

Serve well chilled, the Moscato is a deliciously funny wine for any occasion. The perfect partner to seafood dishes, fresh fruit and fruit-based desserts.


TEMPO Moscato is 100% a natural sparkling wine!

Completely natural, it is made by Moscato grapes harvested in the best production areas of northern Italy.

It is chemical additives free and it has not added sugar: one more reason to indulge with Tempo Moscato: it's naturally safe and healthy! Its alcohol content is lower of 9.5% and with is delicious fragrant aroma of fresh fruit is the best choices for your special occasion.

It should be consumed well chilled, at a temperature of 8-10°C, pure or as base for the most imaginative cocktails your imagination can express.

Serving Information

Tempo Moscato (sparkling line) Technical specifications

Wine: Muscat

Colour: Pale straw yellow, brilliant, fine consistent bubbles with good consistence.

Aroma: Fragrant with delicate but net of muscat grapes, sage, honey and exotic fruits.

Flavour: Sweet, Aromatic, Warm, with good freshness.

Alcoholic Volume: 9.5% VOL.

Serving temperature: 6-10 Celsius degrees.

Serving suggestion: Surprising as an aperitif, great with biscuits, pastries and desserts.